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Dr. Beverly Scott Introduces Bev's Open House:

A Spotlight on “WOMEN of COLOR – Community Builders”.

“Community Builders” – who are doing remarkable work in their respective organizations and in communities across the country – making local, national, and in some instances, international impact. Shapers for a “new, just and sustainable economy” – centered with an “equity lens”.

Women of color who are fully equipped today to perform at the highest levels of management, business, our highly skilled infrastructure workforce, and on corporate boards – across the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Women who are vitally important to our civic leadership pipeline.   And, by any measure, when compared with other groups continue to be significantly under-represented in STEM professions.

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Upcoming Guest - Interview
Jannet Walker-Ford


A nationally recognized transportation industry executive with WSP USA, a leading engineering and professional services consultancy.

Walker-Ford has more than two decades of diverse experience in technology, mobility, and transportation systems. In her role with WSP, she serves as the senior vice president & national transit and rail leader and is responsible for...

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As I reflect on the arc of my personal professional career --what’s missing? In a nutshell – “COLLECTIVE SUCCESS”. I’ve had my share of the proverbial “ups” and “bumps” -- including, considerable individual professional achievement and recognition. I would say – one of the “trailblazers”.  But, at the end of the day, personal accomplishment without collective success is at best – hollow!


My Ask
Spotlight A Community Builder

A special invitation to each of you to join us! And, take the time to share the work of a “Community Builder” who is a woman of color “working in and with” historically under-represented groups and under-resourced communities to help advance positive change(s), i.e., quality educational access and life success skills, good jobs creation and retention, environmental sustainability and resilience, healthier communities and lifestyles, better mobility and access, economic empowerment, meaningful civic participation, social justice.

We invite you to share information about a "Community Builder” in your area whose work (and story) you would like to spotlight.

Click Here to Submit your "She-Roe"


Moving beyond traditional lists and validators to be certain to include the important voices of women of all ages -- on the front lines in communities across the country – with tremendous knowledge, “learned experience”, and “street credit”.

ALL an important source of inspiration, motivation, knowledge, and experience.

A Tribute to Juanita Jones Abernathy

At Iyai+, we were honored and tremendously blessed to have the late Dr. Juanita Jones-Abernathy as a Founding Iyai+ Board Member.

Affectionately known as our Mrs. A” -- beyond a force of nature – a life of courage, perseverance, and giving back. An educator, accomplished businesswoman, and long-time public transportation Board Member at MARTA, she understood the importance of going beyond the traditional STEM/STEAM classroom experience to reframe the narrative around infrastructure careers to one of “community-building” -- its impact on people, communities, and outcomes (particularly for historically under-represented youth). And, deepening the connection to important societal “values” and “outcomes” that matter. The true determinants of success -- environmental, economic, and social equity; and the development of lifetime “readiness” and success skills, i.e., continuous, meaningful civic participation; lifetime learning and sharing; and generational responsibility for community-building.